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An avid reader, Lauren Gilbert was introduced to English authors early in life. Lauren has a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal arts English with a minor in Art History. A long time member of JASNA, she has presented a number of programs. She lives in Florida with her husband. Her first book, HEYERWOOD A Novel, is available. A RATIONAL ATTACHMENT is her second novel. A long-time contributor to the English Historical Fiction Authors blog, her work is included in both volumes of CASTLES, CUSTOMS AND KINGS: True Tales by English Historical Fiction Authors. She is also working on a non-fiction work.

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The daughter of a wealthy business man in York, Anne Emmons knows her father wants her to marry well. Anne, however, has always dreamed of marrying for love. Set in the Regency period, Anne’s introduction to London Society is made difficult by her personal ambitions as well as her family’s lack of aristocratic connections. In time, Anne finds her way aided by family and friends and the surprising support of one of the Ton’s leading figures. Will she succeed in finding the love she desires, or will she settle for a marriage transaction?

A Rational Attachment

Lauren Gilbert

“Heyerwood is written in the Regency Style…..You will fall in love with the characters….” –RT BOOK Reviews

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Anne directed all of her attention to the management of her hoops and train as she followed Lady Kidwell and Fanny. She was so preoccupied with managing the weight of her ensemble that she started when Fanny touched her arm and hissed, "Come, Anne, pay attention! We are called." Suddenly she was curtseying low to the Queen and one of the princesses. Lady Kidwell uttered a few dignified words of introduction, whilst Fanny and Anne stood quietly, eyes respectfully lowered.

Anne was in a fog of anxiety. The three ladies stood back, curtseyed deeply again and backed away, Anne in agony about her train...

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