The End is the Beginning

Lesson Two

As writers, we’re often guilty of noodling around with our story openings FOREVER, but what about our endings? In this generative workshop, we’ll talk about—and play with writing—story endings that serve as a powerful target for the rest of your narrative. We’ll ask ourselves what makes for a potent and resonant ending. Other topics covered: how to weave all of your plot threads and plot lines together and how to decide on the order for doing so; how to decide on last images/last lines; how to bring things full circle from your opening; how to avoid disappointing the reader; and how to clarify and underscore your protagonist’s emotional journey at story’s end. Please bring a novel or picture book with an ending that really worked for you, your current work-in-progress, and a notebook or laptop (or both) for some writing of your own! 

CLASS LENGTH: 2 HOURS, 6 MINUTES --- $20.00 Rental for 72 Hours

Downloadable Worksheets Below