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Betrayal of the Arcani: Beginnings

Angelus Maximus


Three innocent citizens must thwart a malicious plot to overthrow the Roman Empire. These unlikely travelers will trek throughout Roman Hispania fighting bandits, rogue Roman soldiers, and gladiators. At the same time, they will have to put their political differences aside. In this high fantasy Roman world, they will also find themselves fighting zombie legionnaires, undead dragons, large beasts, and even mythical creatures such as the Cyclops.

With not much to go on, the travelers suspect Rome is doomed after getting a cryptic message from a dead sailor and a strange medallion he wore. A sinister necromancer who is a Roman turncoat threatens to plunge Rome into a period of darkness. Is this necromancer pulling the strings or is there an even higher power? And how does the secret Arcani intelligence society play into this ‘betrayal’?

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