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Dancing with Deception

McCullagh, Catherine


In 1938 Marisa Carnarvon abandons her comfortable Sydney lifestyle to become a nurse in a major London hospital. Against the backdrop of looming conflict, she moves to a Red Cross hospital in Paris, only to be caught by the German invasion of June 1940.

As the young nurse finds herself pressured to work for the fledgling resistance movement, her life is further complicated by the arrival of a new Gestapo chief who is keen to establish a friendship with her — or more if he can. Now she treads a fine line between the two, desperate not to betray the resistance while conscious that she is supposed to be neutral. Her position becomes increasingly precarious as the resistance hunts for a traitor in the organisation. Suspicion falls on one of the hospital’s doctors and he is murdered, throwing her into the firing line.

The story reaches its climax with a substantial twist featuring betrayal, murder and ultimately love as Allied forces close in and the liberation of Paris draws ever closer.

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