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From Ashes to Song

Hauck, Hilary


It’s 1911 in Piedmont, Italy. Pietro has at last captured the melody of the harvest on his clarinet, but before he can share his music, a deadly disease sweeps through the countryside, forcing his family to burn their vineyard to stop its spread. The loss is too much for Pietro’s grandfather, and by morning, Pietro has lost two of the most precious things in life—his grandfather and the vineyard.
Adrift with grief, Pietro travels to America and takes a job in a Pennsylvania coal mine where his musician’s hands blister and his days are spent in silence until one day, the beautiful voice and gentle heart of his friend’s wife stirs a new song within him. As Pietro draws inspiration from Assunta, his gift for music returns. But when tragedy strikes and Pietro is to blame, he is forced to confront the consequences of his admiration for another man’s wife, all while fighting for the love he never thought he’d find.

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