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Goddesses Inc.

Bardot, Autumn


Four ex-goddesses struggle to find friendship, love, and purpose. Except mortals get in the way. Sexy mortals. Obnoxious mortals. And dangerous ones.
Mnem has everything. A glamorous lifestyle, beauty, family, and immortality. But she doesn’t have a platform. Or followers. Or relevance. Which is why Mnemosyne, goddess of remembrance and mother of the nine muses, is fired. She isn’t the only one.
Three other goddesses from different cultures are also up a mortal creek without a divine paddle. Now they must build a life—a real one.
Although their divinity is gone, their soul and courage remain. But mortal life is so frustrating! Before they have a chance to get a handle on the whole mortality thing, their lives take an unexpected turn with an epic decision. One with deadly consequences.
Meet the Goddesses
Mnemosyne ~ Greek goddess
Inna ~ Nigerian goddess
Axtis ~ Persian goddess
Phra Naret ~ Thai goddess

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