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McRae: Murder at the opera

Bartholomew, Steve


San Francisco, 1906: Broderick McRae works as a reporter for the San Francisco Call. He thinks he has problems enough when his wife says she is leaving him. Then he discovers he's possessed by the spirit of a dead Italian soldier. The soldier wants justice from the man who killed him. He also warns McRae of an impending disaster to the city. Meanwhile, an opera singer has been murdered. A bad omen, with the Metropolitan Opera coming, featuring Enrico Caruso. McRae tries to make sense of all this and to find the connections. And how can he save his wife from disaster, without even knowing what it is?

The author writes about murder, mayhem, and metaphysics that lead down winding roads through old San Francisco, just before and culminating in the earthquake of 1906. It's a work of fiction set in a specific time in history. You wonder what will happen to McRae, who finds himself in truly unfamiliar territory, and other characters who are woven into the story. (Amazon review)

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