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Precarious Game of Hide and Seek

Martin, Celia


Lady Rowena Crossly is determined to rescue her daughter Cecily from the Cromwellian Cecily has been forced to marry, even does she have to shoot the man, but luck is on her side. Haspel, the Cromwellian carting her daughter away, has been stopped by a gang of highwaymen. They help Rowena rescue her daughter, but then she and Cecily must travel with the highwaymen if they are to stay out of Haspel's clutches. Needing to don various disguises and adopt numerous different names, they bounce from one adventure to another. Being ever in the presence of the lead highwayman Nathaniel D'Arcy has Rowena beginning to fear her growing feelings for the dashing highwayman. With a warrant on her head for being in league with highwaymen, Rowena faces an uncertain future.

Endorsement by Jason Hillenburg, --- Celia Martin's historical romance ranks as above average fare in this genre for a variety of reasons. Martin's historical fidelity is one if the book's distinguishing factors.

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