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The King's Furies

Churchill, Stephanie


Not all enemies are visible.
Sometimes the most defiant ones exist only in the heart and mind.
The Defiler of Prille and his hound are dead. Casmir and Irisa’s marriage has united their warring families producing peace in Agrius.
But it’s a fragile peace.
As he works to restore the former glory of the kingdom, rumors of betrayal and treachery reach the throne, threatening to shatter everything he has worked hard to achieve.
Old enemies reveal themselves, and disaster strikes close to home, plunging the king into a darkness he fears he cannot escape.
Faced with the decision to stay true to his honor or turn into a king like his father, the bonds of unity are tested.
What compromises will he make to secure the future of his family and his kingdom?
Will he lose both himself and the ones he loves in the process?
Follow his journey into darkness.

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