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The King of Dunkirk

Fielder, Dominic


May 1793: The French border.Valenciennes, Paris then home! Every common soldier knows the popular refrain so why can’t the commanders see sense? The protracted siege of Valenciennes exposes the mistrust between the allies. National interests triumph over military logic. The King’s Germans find themselves marching north to the coast, not east to Paris. Dunkirk has become a royal prize, an open secret smuggled to the French, who set a trap for the Duke of York’s army. Lieutenant Erich von Bomm and Captain Werner Brandt find themselves in the thick of the action as the 14th Nationals, the Black Lions, seek their revenge. In the chaos of battle, Sebastian Krombach, working alongside Major Trevethan, the engineer tasked with capturing Dunkirk, must make a dreadful choice: to guide a battalion of Foot Guards to safety across the Great Moor or carry a message that might save the life of a friend. The King’s Germans and the Black Lions do battle to determine who shall be crowned the King of Dunkirk.

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