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Jean M. Roberts graduated from the University of St. Thomas, Houston. She is a former Air Force Nurse and Administrator for a Nonprofit. Her love of history sparked a writing career. She writes both historical fiction and historical fiction/time travel stories. Jean also writes cozy murder mysteries under the penname J.M. Roberts. When not writing novels, she writes and maintains three blogs on genealogy, family history and books/writing. She lives with her husband in Houston, Texas.

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Jean M. Roberts

Anneke hopes to convince the charismatic de Groot to use his influence to persuade Blaeu to include her map in the Atlas Maior, which will be the largest and most expensive publication of the century. But family secrets, infidelity, and murder endanger her dream. Will her map withstand these threats, or will it be forever lost?

The Angel of Goliad

Jean M. Roberts

Imaginary friends are not real—or are they?

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