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The author, Philip Jones, was born and resides in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.

Returning to further his education, Philip obtained a First-Class BA Honours Degree in English at University Centre Shrewsbury in 2019 and went on to complete a Master of Research (MRes) in Storytelling at The University of Chester in 2020.

Prior to becoming an author and content writer, Philip worked in insurance, accountancy, retail, and medical administration.

This is Philip's second book with Austin Macauley publishers. His first was a locally-set detective-themed play entitled The Lion Hotel.

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Readers are transported to Victorian London and introduced to Inspector Doyle, a modern-day detective with eternal life, who discovers that he has been wrongly named as 'Jack the Ripper', the Victorian serial killer. Nobody wants that label at any time in history, so with the aid of time travel he returns to the year 1888 in an attempt to clear his name.

Another complication for Inspector Doyle is that his modern-day daughter, Flora, who he has left behind to travel back several centuries, is becoming increasingly suspicious of her father's identity. This is after making her way into his Shrewsbury study, that she is forbidden to enter.

The only good thing about returning to 1888 is that Inspector Doyle is able to rekindle his relationship with daughter Alice and wife Eleanor, who he had to leave behind all those centuries ago. Alice can then only but marvel at her father's abilities to answer a question that only he knows the answer to, because he has travelled into the future and back.

The story references many Victorian objects that have been meticulously researched and then used to tell a story that is only possible through time travel and a rather clever inventor who may or may not be still alive. Many elements of the original Jack the Ripper case are also detailed as are the horrors of Whitechapel.

Find out whether Inspector Doyle manages to clear his name by discovering who the real Jack the Ripper is, and expect a twist at the end that involves both daughters and a Victorian book that, unlike the rest of Inspector Doyle's objects, is unable to exist in parallel between the two time zones.

Jack the Ripper?

Philip Jones

A Time Travel Adventure

Book Excerpt or Article

Chapter 1 - Lost in London's Fog

1888. A year to avoid. Unless you were Jack, of course, who still avoided justice. A year which ends with Whitechapel holding its breath, not because of the fog, but because of the threat still posed by the Ripper who has been terrorising London's East End. To date, he has killed, and in the most brutal manner, five women of dubious status. And for no motive that can be ascertained.

Inspector Doyle looks every inch the criminal, dressed in plain clothes to fool the very same. Yet, like a doctor, he carries a Gladstone bag. His facial hair buries an expression that never appears to alter. If anyone really knew him, they would describe him as a ghostly figure returning to a period that he once haunted.

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