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Sepehr Haddad's debut novel, A Hundred Sweet Promises, is the winner of the 2022 Bookfest Awards and the 2021 American Writers Award in Historical Fiction. The novel also received the 2021 Gold Medal in the Historical Romance Category of HFC. Sepehr is also a Universal Music Group (UMG) recording artist with the Billboard chart-topping duo Shahin & Sepehr.For further information, visit:

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A family secret revealed 40 years ago by a grandmother to her grandson is now an acclaimed Russian historical fiction novel. "A Hundred Sweet Promises" is the tale of the author’s grandfather, Nasrosoltan, a famed composer, who on the eve of World War I travels from Persia to Russia to study classical music at the St. Petersburg Conservatory with such masters as Rimsky-Korsakov. While there, Nasrosoltan falls in love with a Romanov princess, but the royalty surrounding him considers this a forbidden love. Unexpectedly, the Tsar gets involved, and Nasrosoltan suddenly finds himself in a battle between head and heart while being carried forward on a wave of destiny toward an uncertain future. A novel based on a true story set against the backdrop of the final days of Imperial Russia.

A Hundred Sweet Promises

Sepehr Haddad

"...An exceedingly intelligent tale that thoughtfully juxtaposes the maddening effects of romantic love with the violent paroxysms of political insurrection..." KIRKUS REVIEWS

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