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Issue 10 - Historical Crime and Mystery

Sunday Times bestselling author, Andrew Taylor, discusses his Marwood and Lovett novels in an exclusive interview.

Bestselling author of historical crime fiction, Andrew Swanston, investigates the art of spying in Early Modern England.

Critically-acclaimed and bestselling author, Candace Robb, discusses the healers and sleuths who appear in her brilliant historical mysteries.

Bestselling author of historical crime mysteries, E.M. Powell, investigates the struggles King Henry II faced trying to reform English law.

Author of a wide range of historical fiction, Cathie Dunn, investigates the poisonings that almost brought down King Louis XIV at Versailles.

This edition's further reading and acknowledgements: 

Invisible Agents; Women and Espionage in Seventeenth-Century Britain by Nadine Akkerman, Oxford University Press, 2018

 ‘The Abbess and Mrs Brown: Lady Mary Knatchbull and Royalist Politics in Flanders in the Late 1650s’ by Caroline M.K. Bowden Source: Recusant history [0034-1932] Bowden, Caroline M.K. yr:1999 vol:24 iss:3 pg:288 -308

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