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Ebook, Paperback & Hardcover

As an English educator, Heather Miller has spent twenty-five years teaching her students the author’s craft. Now, she’s writing herself, hearing voices from America’s past. Miller’s foundation began in the theatre through performance storytelling. But by far, her favorite roles have been a fireman’s wife, and mom to three: a trumpet player, an RN, and a civil engineer. Alas, there's only one English major living in her house. While teaching, researching, and writing the Ridge Family Saga, Heather earned her MFA in Creative Writing in 2022.

When the tortured hero authors his own fate, no one can unlearn the truth, unwind time, graze past prairies with sins buried under the rock-ribbed earth.  

In 1849, Rollin Ridge shoots the man who assassinated his father. To avoid hanging for the crime, Rollin runs west, enduring trials of desert and mountain to mine California gold. With pickaxe in tow, all he unearths is rage, laying bare a decade of grief. Writing letters home to his wife and mother, Rollin’s frames his family’s hardships through one of American history’s grimmest crossroads: Cherokee removal from their eastern ancestral land.   

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