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Christmas Parties, Snow, and Other Follies

Eljarbo, Heidi


Miss Gingifer Mitford’s parents have plans for their daughter’s future—prospects that include a certain type of husband, where to live, and how to behave. But Ginger cannot wrap her heart around these arrangements and becomes annoyingly willful. When she returns to the country and Dewdrop House for the annual cousin capers during the Christmas holidays, little does she know that this December, everything will change.
Bertran Stanton has always worked hard to prove himself worthy of his good fortune. As first in line to inherit the title and estate, Bert must choose a suitable wife. The Earl of Thorndale gives him until the eve of the new year to find one.
The cousins gather for jolly games, caroling, and various Christmas parties but twists and complications pile up.
A delightful Christmas romance with wit and heart—a clean and wholesome romance with a happily ever after.

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