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Secrets and Spies

MacEnulty, Trish


After the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915, New York society writer Louisa Delafield and her assistant Ellen Malloy join in the hunt for German saboteurs who are employing biological and chemical warfare on American soil. The spies have infiltrated all levels of American society, and they’ll do anything from churning out propaganda to cold-blooded murder to keep America from helping the allies. Can Louisa and Ellen expose them without losing their lives?

In Secrets and Spies, Louisa and Ellen confront their own conflicting loyalties as they are thrust into a world of subterfuge and deception.

Review of The Whispering Women (Book 1): "...full of well-developed, rich characters. With clear internal and external flaws, the main characters are far from perfect but easy to relate to. Louisa Delafield and Ellen Malloy serve as excellent character foils for each other and balance the two very different aspects of society and wealth."-- Historical Fiction Company

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