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The Grain Merchant

Altair, Zara


Civil unrest and murder. Can a Roman patrician quell unrest and find a killer
before politicians knife him in the back?
Italy, 512 C.E. Argolicus would rather bury his nose in a book. But, when he leaves his peaceful country villa to open his long-shuttered town home he dies into town politics and meets a potential bride. He refuses to stand by when her family’s livelihood is threatened and her merchant father slain.

With the grain supply dwindling and Argolicus fighting incompetent officials, he uncovers a list of high-placed suspects and attracts the attention of a shadowy rival bent on his destruction. And as the citizenry grows increasingly desperate to put food on their plates, he’ll have to risk his reputation and life to hunt down the killer before violence erupts.

Can Argolicus find a hidden killer before he takes a knife in his back?

Fans of Ruth Downie, Steven Saylor, and jump forward in time to meet your new detective.

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