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The Path

Hedbor, Lars D. H.


1780, Rhode-Island: He Came to Fight For Liberty For All
Yves de Bourganes just wanted to make some money to support his widowed mother as she tried to keep the family farm afloat. He wouldn't have minded some adventure, too. He didn't expect to be sent to fight in a war between France's constant nemesis Great Britain and her boisterous American colonies across the treacherous sea. When he arrives, he meets Amalie, a slave girl with a difficult past, and his fate changes entirely, as he learns that some paths lead to unexpected destinations.

The Path is Hedbor’s Rhode-Island novel from his Tales From a Revolution series, in which each standalone novel examines the American War of Independence as it unfolded in a different colony. If you like stirring stories of the people who didn't quite make it into the pages of history, you'll love The Path.

Buy The Path today and see how the American Revolution’s road to freedom was sometimes far from smooth!

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