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The Road to Canossa

Byrne, Lara


A richly-woven early medieval tapestry inspired by the events that led the king of Germany to seek the intercession of the most powerful woman in Europe.

The year is 1073. Countess Matilde prepares to take over the rule of Tuscany from her formidable mother. When Pope Alexander dies and is succeeded by Ildebrando, the architect of her forced marriage, Matilde's hope to secure a divorce dwindles. Surprisingly, Ildebrando is willing to contemplate the option. But he wants something in return. Her armies, and her relics.
In Germany her former lover King Heinrich is in the midst of a civil war. Ildebrando's election spells doom for his rule too.

From the royal halls of Germany to the papal Curia and the walled cities and castles of Northern and Central Italy. the Road to Canossa is a journey through the characters and events that changed the course of European history at the dawn of the second millenium.

The sequel to HFC World Historical Fiction Category Winner Lotharingia.

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