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The Suffragette's Daughter

Salter, Michelle


Will Iris discover how her mother died? Or will her search for the truth cause a murderer to strike again?

1920 is a time of contrasts and change —a dangerous combination. For the first time in history, two women compete to become the third woman elected to Parliament, and Iris is a journalist sent to cover the story at the House of Commons. But it’s a place that holds painful memories. In 1914, Iris’s mother died there when she fell into the River Thames during a daring suffragette protest. In the shadow of Big Ben, a waterman tells Iris her mother didn’t fall—she jumped. Iris searches for the suffragette with her mother on that fateful day, only to discover she disappeared after the protest and has been missing for six years. Desperate to know the reason behind that fatal jump, Iris’s investigation leads her to Crookham Hall, an ancestral home where secrets and lies lead to murder . . .

The Suffragette's Daughter introduces a new sleuth for a new era.

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