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Netanel (Nethaniel) Spero. Aged 30, was born and raised in Israel to an English-speaking family, writing stories from an early age. He successfully graduated from Etgar College in 2021 with a Mechanical Technician diploma.

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It was the height of the Cold War; America and the USSR were at each other’s throats.
Location: Area 51, Nevada
Year: 1962
“Can you understand me?”
The creature nodded.
“What is your name?” asked the man.
“Where do you come from?”
“Mars,” he replied.
His name is Yono, a living and brilliant stray alien from Mars who accidentally crashes on Earth and finds himself in American hands. With his help, the Americans can accomplish great things, but at what risk? What dangers are chasing after them? Yono and those involved are about to find out, and guess what? So are you.

Earthia Cold War

Nethaniel Spero

Relive 90's Hollywood vibes through this book

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