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Full Editing Services

All manuscripts using our editing services will be forwarded to our publishing house, Historium Press, for consideration for publishing under our traditional platform.


Developmental Edit + Copy Edit + Proofread $55 per 1,000 words ($5500 / 100,000 words)

In addition to the tasks performed during a copy edit (see below), we restructure sentences, paragraphs, and chapters where needed and provide a macro-level focus on style and consistency (e.g., which abbreviations are used, how numbers are written, which words are hyphenated, etc.). We review the quality of the writing itself, addressing organization, transitions, tone, voice, and complexity. For fiction titles, we check for plot holes and character inconsistencies, and we make suggestions as to the book’s dialogue, pace, and clarity.

Copy Edit + Proofread $35 per 1,000 words ($3500 / 100,000 words)

We provide a comprehensive, line-by-line, technical check for all typographical errors, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and sentence structure. We also address language-usage issues and provide minor recommendations for style and improving the overall flow of the text. We ensure you have a technically sound manuscript ready for typesetting and layout.
Includes three rounds of edits:
1. Initial Copy Edit
2. A review of your revisions
3. Post-Production Proofread

Proofread $25 per 1,000 words ($2500 / 100,000 words)

We examine your manuscript for major text and formatting issues. We identify and rectify grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and spelling errors. This review is narrower in scope than our copy edit service, but will ensure a polished manuscript ready for publication.
Includes two rounds of edits:
1. Proofread before layout and formatting
2. Post-Production Proofread

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