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Chris Bishop

Chris Bishop

Chris Bishop was born in London in 1951. After a successful career as a Chartered Surveyor, he retired to concentrate on writing, combining this with his lifelong interest in Anglo Saxon history. His first novel, Blood and Destiny, was published in 2017 and his second, The Warrior with the Pierced Heart, in 2018 followed by The Final Reckoning in 2019 and Bloodlines in 2020. Together they form a series entitled The Shadow of the Raven, the fifth and final part of which - The Prodigal Son – was published in 2023.

Chris has also published numerous blogs about his work, including:- Alfred and the Vikings – a five part series:- Alfred’s troubled realm
So, who were the dreaded Vikings? Why did the Vikings first invade England? The (almost) forgotten battle
The ways of war at the time of King Alfred; Warhorses – the use of horses in battle at the time of King Alfred the Great; Wareham’s past as a Saxon stronghold; Was King Alfred really the father of the English Navy? So, did Alfred really burn the cakes? These and others can be viewed on his website
You can also follow him on Twitter @CBishop_author
Chris is a member of the Historical Writers Association.
His other interests include travel, windsurfing and fly fishing.



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the book has not yet released.

OSCAR’S TALE is the story of a Saxon boy who sets out to find and rescue his father who has been taken by Viking slavers.


Set in 877 as the people of Wessex are forced to fight not just for their very lives, but for their freedom, their religion and for their right to live as Saxons, Oscar relates all that which befalls him on his all but impossible quest. This is set against the backdrop of King Alfred’s desperate attempt to regain his kingdom which culminates in a victory at the Battle of Edington which is very much against the odds.


But this is not just a story about bloody battles and fearsome warriors, it’s about a boy struggling to live up to his father’s reputation as a warrior and trying to find his place in a turbulent and uncertain world. For that, Oscar is forced to confront many dangers, earn the respect of others far above his station and even find love – albeit the cost to him is far higher than most men would have been willing to pay.


‘For is it not the wish of every man that his son will achieve more in life than he did?’


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