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Frequently asked


  • How do I keep my books on the shelves?
    You must continue to be a member of HFP. Memberships will be reviewed from time to time to concide membership and book placement in the bookshop.
  • What is this site all about?
    We are dedicated to all things involving historical fiction. Supporting authors and their books, aspiring writers, and readers of the genre is our complete focus. This is a new venue exclusively for historical fiction and sub-genres - a bookshop to browse the aisles and buy books; author services, such as editing, book cover design, marketing, draft-to-publication packages, featured spotlights, and book reviews. All book buy links are international short links that you can "like", "share", and click to buy the book, which will take you to your country's Amazon site. We also offer a blog where authors can request to do a guest post right from their profile page. And COMING SOON - a social network within this site, set-up similar to FB, to become a hub for authors, writers, and readers of Historical Fiction. To join as a member is free. To subscribe to the email notifications is free. To add your books to the bookshelves as an author, refer to the ADD BOOKS page. Our focus is to sell books, just like a regular brick-and-mortar shop; except we don't take 40% off the top. Our Featured Spotlight advertising plans are reasonably priced for our authors. Also, we have monthly and yearly book awards with prizes for all 5-star reviewed books through our editorial review service. To have your book reviewed, see the page under Author Services.
  • Do you do individual book marketing for authors?
    As of right now, we do not market your book except for the noted items in the Featured Spotlight section and on our FB groups. Also, in conjunction with The Coffee Pot Book, we recommend their services for blog tours and more extensive marketing services.
  • Do you give refunds on author services?
    No. Once we start working on any portion of your book, we cannot give refunds.
  • If my book is part of KU, can I be on the shelf in this venue?"
    Yes, you can. This site is not selling the book or ebook, the short links take you to your country's Amazon site for purchase. As you can see, the book is not added to your cart for purchase. When you click on the link, you leave this website and are taken to Amazon.
  • How can I get an award badge for my book?
    All monthly book awards are given to our five-star reviewed books. All yearly book awards are given to the top-selected books from that year's five-star monthly winners. If you want to submit your book for an editorial review. Please see the author services. Reviewed books are entered into the monthly and yearly awards from reviewed books from Netgalley, and our staff-read books from the Coffee Pot Book Club, and from submitted books to the editorial reviews purchase.
  • How are you connected with The Coffee Pot Book Club?
    We are two separate entities, providing a plethora of services to authors. All purchased editorial reviews with The Coffee Pot Book Club are posted only on their website and entered into their book awards. All editorial reviews purchased with HFP are posted only on this website and entered into the HFP Book Awards. After all, the more editorial reviews your book can have, the better; thus, bolstering the quality of the book. We simply support one another by linking together to give an author a wide arrange of services. We are team websites, not in competition, but here to serve you, the author. You can choose to purchase services from one, both, or the other. All BOOK MARKETING is done completely from The Coffee Pot Book Club. HFP does not do book marketing except for the featured spotlights here on this website, on our FB page, our Twitter and Instagram accounts, and our FB groups connected with this website. We do not do campaign Twitter and Instagram blasts or Blog Tours - all of that is done through The Coffee Pot Book Club (and more!) Check them out!!
  • How do I add a book to the bookshop?
    You must sign up as a member! Once you sign up as a member, please provide your author name, book title, Amazon link, genre assignment, and description. Your book will remain on the shelves for the length of your membership. Also, you may add your books to our Facebook group by creating a bookshelf on the discussion board per the pinned guidelines post. Creating a bookshelf on the FB group does not guarantee placement into the online bookshop. All books are vetted by the Bookshop Manager, just like Barnes & Nobles Booksellers, and may be added or removed at the manager's discretion and current trends in the industry.
  • How do I enter the Book Awards?
    You must purchase a Royal Editorial Review from HFP. This is a separate review and separate awards from The Coffee Pot Book Club. If you wish to enter their awards, you must purchase an editorial review from their website. Simply stated. Two separate purchases. The Historical Fiction Press Editorial Review = Entered into the HFP Book Awards if awarded a five-star rating. The Coffee Pot Book Club Editorial Review = Entered into their separate awards.
  • Why is it free to add my books to the bookshop?
    Because we intend on this becoming a hub for historical authors and readers, an exclusive go-to place for the genre. AND we intend on investing in the authors on this site by running our own ad campaigns on FB and Google, targeting specific countries like the U.S. and U.K. - the reach into the millions! Do you want to invest in yourself and your books during these FB ad campaigns? Have your book featured in a banner or side ad so more visitors will see your books!! Visit the Featured Spotlight page to choose a subscription plan. All funds for the advertising subscription plans go towards the FB ad campaigns.
  • What kind of payments do you accept?
    We accept Paypal. We, also, accept credit and debit card payments via Wix payments. Please note: all payments constitute a contract between the payee and The Historical Fiction Company. Once paid, HFC upholds all services to be rendered until the payee approves and accepts final product. For example: for video book trailer services or book cover design, payment from payee initializes a contract. HFC/White Rabbit Arts will work on said project until final approval. After final approval from payee, any additional revisions are subject to additional fees. This arrangement is across-the-board on all author services.
  • How do you promote my books if I purchase an ad plan?
    The Historical Fiction Press will run FB ads to promote the bookshop, targeting historical fiction readers, and targeting specific countries for each campaign to draw the most visitors and clicks. The monthly featured spotlight subscription plans are only to offset the costs of running the ads, and for managing the bookshop venue. Money spent on any of the plans goes directly towards FB ads to bring in readers!
  • How do I ask a question?
    Please contact me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • How do I become a part of The Historical Fiction Press team?
    To join our team, visit JOB OPPORTUNITIES today and apply!
  • If I submit my book for review, will you post if less than 3-stars?"
    No. We always ask the author first before posting a 3-star review to the blog or to social media. You have the option to decline posting. If no reply is given after an email or notification is sent, then the review will be posted within one week from unresponded email or notification. All 3-star reviews will be constructive and kind, after all, we all want to improve! No reviews less than 3-stars will EVER be posted!
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