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A PREMIER HISTORICAL FICTION MAGAZINE   |   The Official Magazine of The Historical Fiction Company


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Read all twelve editions of the magazine from the August 2021 issue to July 2022 edition for free simply by joining as a member.

In order to cover the cost of keeping HT running, we will be moving to a subscription based service for all future magazine editions from  the 1st August 2022

Historical Times
December 2023
War and Peace Issue

Releasing December 5th (our new release day) featuring articles from Seth Irving Handaside, Heather Miller, Victoria Atamian Waterman, Connie Briones, Helena P. Schrader, Diana Stevan, Eric Schumacher, John McKay, Rosemary Hayes, and Paul Rushworht-Brown; plus recipes, fun facts, historical artwork, and book reviews from HFC.

Image by Annie Spratt
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Historical Times
November 2023
Plantagenet Issue

Releasing November 5th (our new release day) featuring articles from Paul Rushworth-Brown, Pamela Taylor, Lily Style, Jules Larimore, and more; plus, Medieval recipes for Fall, fun facts, historical artwork, and book reviews from HFC.

Image by Annie Spratt
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Historical Times
October 2023
Victorian Issue

Releasing October 5th (our new release day) featuring articles from Elizabeth Keysian, Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger, Luv Lubker, Nev March, Jules Larimore, David MacDougall and more; plus, Victorian recipes for Fall, fun facts, historical artwork,

and book reviews from HFC.

Image by Annie Spratt
Historical Times October 2023 Issue - Victorian.jpg

Historical Times
September 2023
Norman Issue

Now available - Issue 26 Norman History -

featuring Julian de la Motte, M. J. Porter, D. K. Marley, and special blog posts / author interview with Bookouture's Rose Alexander. Fun facts, a new crossword puzzle, Romanesque art, and delightful recipes for you to try! 

Image by Annie Spratt
Screenshot 2023-08-31 220538.png

Historical Times
August 2023
Summer Special Issue

Releasing August 1st Online & August 10th in Print - this issue combines both our special feature summer issue and the August issue (the Norman issue previously scheduled for August has been bumped to September) -

featuring Linda Ulleseit, Joan Koster, Rebecca Rosenberg, T. M. Brown, Seth Irving Handaside, Phil Hore, Deborah Hufford, Trish MacEnulty,

M. B. Zucker, & Tom Durwood 

Image by Annie Spratt
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Historical Times
July 2023
Civil War Issue

Releasing July 1st Online & July 10th in Print - featuring Maggie Brookes, Elizabeth St. John, Cryssa Bazos, Donna E. Lane, Stella Riley, Deborah Swift, Daniel Greene,

 T. M. Brown & David Spitz

Image by Annie Spratt
July Cover 2023.jpg

Historical Times
June 2023
Elizabethan Issue

Releasing June 1st Online & June 10th in Print - featuring historian Ros Barber, best-selling author Alison Weir, plus articles from Tony Riches, Bonny G. Smith, Elizabeth Keysian, D. G. MacDougall, D. K. Marley, Naomi Miller, and Connie Briones

Image by Annie Spratt
June 2023 Final Cover.jpg

Historical Times
Spring 2023
Special  Issue

Now Available in Print & Online - featuring award-winning author Elizabeth St. John, Anne O'Brien, Steven P. Moysey, Juliane Weber, Lily Style, D. G. MacDougall, Katerina Dunne, and Gareth Williams;

plus, a new recipe section!

Image by Annie Spratt
HT Spring 2023 Front Cover.jpg

Historical Times
May 2023
Dark Ages Issue

Now available online

- featuring articles from Johanna Wittenberg, Alex Gough, Eric Schumacher, Paula Lofting, Lara Byrne, M. J. Porter, Fil Reid, and Tim Walker

Image by Annie Spratt
May 2023 Cover Final.jpg

Historical Times
April 2023
Myths & Legends 

Now available online

- featuring articles from Wendy J. Dunn, Elyse Hoffman, Cathie Dunn, Juliane Weber, Juliette Godot, Fil Reid, Zenobia Neil,

David Fitz-Gerald, Tim Walker,

D. K. Marley, and Cassandra Clark

Image by Annie Spratt
April 2023 Historical Times Cover.jpg

Historical Times
March 2023

Now available online

- featuring articles from Daniel Greene, Elizabeth R. Andersen, Marina Koulouri,

Rob Bauer, Ayse Osmanoglu,

Anna Engel, and Lily Style

Image by Annie Spratt
March 2023 Cover JPEG.jpg

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