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A New Take on Area 51 - an Editorial Review of "Earthia Cold War"

Book Blurb:

It was the height of the Cold War; America and the USSR were at each other’s throats.

Location: Area 51, Nevada

Year: 1962

“Can you understand me?”

The creature nodded.

“What is your name?” asked the man.


“Where do you come from?”

“Mars,” he replied.

His name is Yono, a living and brilliant stray alien from Mars who accidentally crashes on Earth and finds himself in American hands. With his help, the Americans can accomplish great things, but at what risk? What dangers are chasing after them? Yono and those involved are about to find out, and guess what? So are you.

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Author Bio:

Netanel (Nethaniel) Spero. Aged 30, was born and raised in Israel to an English-speaking family, writing stories from an early age. He successfully graduated from Etgar College in 2021 with a Mechanical Technician diploma.

Editorial Review:

In the realm of historical fantasy / science fiction / alternate literature, one occasionally stumbles upon a narrative that leads us into uncharted territories, where the boundaries of reality and imagination blur and reconfigure themselves in ways heretofore unexplored. Yono, an itinerant visitor from the mysterious Martian landscape, arrives upon Earth in a serendipitous collision of cosmic proportions. This estranged voyager becomes ensnared in the clutches of American hands, poised to bestow his formidable knowledge upon a foreign world. Yet, as we delve into the pages of this compelling narrative, one cannot help but ponder: what perilous vicissitudes shall accompany such a liaison? What shadows and spectres of danger lurk ever closer to these earthly denizens, now irrevocably entangled in Yono's enigmatic arrival?

Dear reader, as I share my reflections on this remarkable tome, you too shall embark upon an odyssey into the depths of Yono's experiences, as they unfold in the author's vivid prose. Once the final leaf is turned, it becomes unmistakably apparent that Yono's tale is a delightful odyssey, a journey through uncharted realms of the psyche, a narrative that reverberates with echoes of excitement and intellectual curiosity.

Yono, our eponymous protagonist, arrives on the terrestrial stage as an entity both strange and sublime. In the annals of science fiction, he is a being to rival the most ingenious inventions of interstellar imaginations. Not of our world, yet so unmistakably tethered to it, Yono emerges from the heavens, a celestial wanderer inadvertently cast adrift in an alien realm. His enigmatic descent, as if orchestrated by the hand of destiny, thrusts him into the clutches of the Americans. This fortuitous arrival triggers a mesmerizing sequence of events, as Yono's uncanny talents and profound knowledge are harnessed to the benefit of humankind.

It is within this unfolding cosmic drama that the reader is drawn into the narrative's luminous orbit, unable to escape its gravitational pull. The vivacious pacing of the tale is evident from the outset, as we are enticed into the beguiling vortex of Yono's adventure. The author's artful use of language and storytelling technique keeps us perched on the edge of our seats during the suspenseful action scenes that pepper the narrative like constellations in the night sky. This enchanting interplay of language and narrative tempo ensures that our attention remains raptly affixed to the unfolding saga.

Yet, beyond the tale's captivating action sequences lies a reservoir of erudition that enhances the reader's engagement. The author's mastery of history and knowledge lends depth and authenticity to the narrative, enriching it in manifold ways. It is this very tapestry of historical allusion and profound insight that evokes an almost tangible sense of realism, making Yono's extraordinary experiences seem not entirely beyond the realm of possibility.

One cannot help but become emotionally entangled in the characters that populate Yono's world. Throughout the narrative, an inexplicable affection for certain characters emerges, their fates becoming almost inextricably linked to one's own hopes and desires. This emotional resonance serves as a testament to the author's dexterity in crafting fully realized, multi-dimensional personas, each contributing to the tapestry of Yono's world.

As we traverse the narrative's exhilarating landscape, we cannot escape the thought that, just perhaps, we might witness future instalments that further unravel the enigma of Yono and his extraterrestrial realm. The idea of a sequel or another story set within this universe is tantalizing, a proposition that one would readily embrace.

In this remarkable literary endeavour, the author has accomplished a feat of astonishing artistry. The narrative, at first, unfurls in unexpected directions, defying initial conjectures, but in doing so, it emerges as a more profound and enriching experience. The author has adroitly guided us through a narrative that is not just a journey of the imagination but an expedition of the intellect, leaving us with an abiding sense of gratification.

In conclusion, Yono's tale is a delightful foray into the realms of science fiction, brimming with action, intrigue, and historical depth. The indelible characters and their captivating adventures shall linger in the reader's memory long after the final page has been turned. As a reader closes this chapter of reflection, one may find themselves hoping, much like the denizens of the narrative, that they may indeed encounter further tales from this universe—a prospect that holds the promise of many more riveting adventures to come. The intellectual and emotional journey into Yono's world is, undeniably, a fun and unforgettable read.


“Earthia Cold War” by Nathaniel Spero receives four stars from The Historical Fiction Company


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