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Author Takeover Day for Trish MacEnulty - Come Join the Fun!

Hey, it's author takeover day for Trish MacEnulty over at The Historical Fiction Club on Facebook!

Come join the fun and enter her giveaways!

Go here: and please answer the questions to gain instant membership!!

Dee Marley


Author Bio:

Trish MacEnulty grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, and earned degrees from the University of Florida and Florida State University. For 20 years, she lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she was a Professor of English at Johnson & Wales University, teaching writing and film classes. She now lives in Florida with her husband, cat, and two dogs and teaches journalism. In addition to her historical novels, she has written novels, stories, plays, and a memoir under the name "Pat MacEnulty." She currently writes book reviews and features for The Historical Novel Review.

Check out her website for book club visits, reader guides for her historical fiction, upcoming events, book news and more:

Book Blurb:

"The Burning Bride"

A bullet barely misses Manhattan society writer Louisa Delafield, and her publisher insists she leave the city for what seems like an easy assignment in Florida until a wedding guest winds up dead with a stolen diamond in his hand.

Louisa investigates the mysterious death, but finds the answers hard to come by when a mesmerizing French man distracts her from her duties.

In New York, Louisa’s assistant, Ellen Malloy, infiltrates an anarchists’ enclave to discover who shot at Louisa and risks losing the woman of her dreams in her pursuit.

Louisa and Ellen travel parallel paths as they confront dynamite-wielding anarchists, hungry alligators, and a raging fire, but the toughest obstacles they face are their own wayward hearts.

"The Whispering Woman"

Louisa Delafield and Ellen Malloy didn’t ask to be thrown together to bring the truth to light. But after Ellen witnesses the death of a fellow servant during an illegal abortion, Louisa, a society columnist, vows to help her find the truth and turn her journalistic talent to a greater purpose.

Together, these unlikely allies battle to get the truth out, and to avenge the wrongful death of a friend.

What will our heroes do when their closest allies and those they trust turn out to be the very forces working to keep their story in the dark? They’ll face an abortionist, a sex trafficking ring, and a corrupt system determined to keep the truth at bay.


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