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Author Takeover for Historical Author, Anne M. Beggs

Announcing an author takeover for Historical author, Anne M. Beggs - come join the fun over at The Historical Fiction Club on Facebook as Anne takes over the entire group for an entire day, full of great posts, insightful history, and more! Monday, March 13th


Here's a little more about Anne:

Author Bio:

Born with the horse gene, in Oakland, California, my first spoken word was "worsey" for horsey. I was drawing, painting and spinning tales of my imaginary equines for years. My Medieval Fetish is nearly as long. I am still married to my high school sweetheart and while raising our daughter and son, I researched the Middle Ages into middle age and beyond. I now live the horse dream and we run a boarding ranch, Equisance, in Santa Cruz County. 'Riting, riding, reading and sometimes 'rchery make up my four "R's" The journey continues to find a voice, discover the inner hero and help others find theirs.

Featured Book Blurb:

Eloise, a 13th-century only child grows up coming to terms with and battling her patriarchal Irish society. She is intelligent, curious, bold, romantic, and has to deal with a rapidly changing community. Confronting self and societal doubts, she must take on far more than she ever expected. She finds love and conflict as she comes of age in this historical epoch. Eloise's empathy, courage, frustrations, and loves propel her through tumultuous times as England’s tenuous hold on Ireland is lurking.

Book Buy Link:

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