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Book Launch Today - "Under His Spell" by Luv Lubker - a Historium Press Book

New from Historium Press author, Luv Lubker!!

Book Blurb:

A beautiful love story between the Princess Royal Victoria and Fritz Wilhelm, Frederick III of Prussia

A lonely young man attends the first World's Fair - the Great Exhibition of 1851 - and meets a family who changes his life forever.

Follow the young Prince Fritz - later Friedrich III - of Prussia and his wife, Queen Victoria's eldest daughter, Vicky, (parents of Kaiser Wilhelm II) through their courtship and the joys and struggles of their first four years of marriage.

Fritz and Vicky dream of a peaceful united Germany, but Fritz's uncle Karl has his own dreams of power...

Discover often hinted at but unrevealed secrets of the Prussian Royal court...

Released today:


Historium Press is now accepting submissions for publication for historical fiction.

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