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Category Winners for the 2023 HFC Book of the Year contest

Updated: Jan 2

Below are the category and category winners for the 2023 HFC Book of the Year contest.

All award badges will be sent via email over the next few days. If you see your name and have not received your award badge, please email us at

*Please note: if the title link is not working, it means that the review post is scheduled to go live in the next few weeks. All links below will be live by the middle of January.

Ancient World

Gold The Stone Cutter Brock Meier

Silver Kampaku David Klason

Bronze Canaad D A Wood

Honorable Mention Feather of Ma'at Lisa Llamrei

Great Britain

Gold A Song of Sixpence Judith Arnopp

Silver The Light in the Labyrinth Wendy Dunn

Bronze A Time for War J R Tomlin

Honorable Mention The Alewives Elizabeth R. Anderson

American and/or Western

Gold Rescuing Crockett David Z. Pike

Silver The River Remembers Linda Ulleseit

Bronze The Butcher's Apprentice Wendy A. Warren

Honorable Mention 1851 Carlo Perez Allen

Europe, etc.

Gold Perestroika Joao Cerquira

Silver The Road to Canossa Lara Byrne

Bronze A Dangerous Woman Josie Wilson

Honorable Mention Find Me in the Stars Jules Larimore

Honorable Mention Who She Left Behind Victoria A Waterman


Gold Harriet Alice McVeigh

Silver In Silence Cries the Heart Catherine Hughes

Bronze The Truth About Myths Giovanna Siniscalchi

Honorable Mention Noble Satyr Lucinda Brant


Gold King of Nod Scott Fad

Silver The Devil's Glove Lucretia Grindle

Bronze Madame Pommery Rebecca Rosenberg

Honorable Mention Raven Rock Nichole Louise


Gold The Orchid Hour Nancy Bilyeau

Silver The Eleventh Commandment Mary F Burns

Bronze Saint Bloodbath Frederick Reynolds

Honorable Mention The Meadow Murders Helen Hollick


Gold The Merchant of Sepharad James Hutson-Wiley

Silver The Last of What I Am Abigail Cutter

Bronze On the Wings of a Red-Tailed Hawk Gail Combs Oglesby

Honorable Mention The Last Laird of Sapelo T. M. Brown

Honorable Mention Oscar's Tale Chris Bishop


Gold Barnum's Angel Len Boswell

Silver Shadow Runner K. J. Fieler

Bronze Witness to the Revolution Kierstan Marcil

Honorable Mention Angenga John Broughton


Silver The Boy King's Tale Michael January

Bronze The Middle Generation M. B. Zucker

Honorable Mention The Rose of Washington Square Pat Wahler

Time Travel/Dual Timeline

Gold The Mender Jennifer Marchman

Silver The London Forgery Heidi Eljarbo

Bronze Through the Veneer of Time Vera Bell

Honorable Mention What Remains Erryn Lee

Wartime Fiction

Gold Cold Peace Helena P. Schrader

Silver Moral Fibre Helena P. Schrader

Bronze Lottie Beauchamp's War Paula Napier

Honorable Mention She Was an American Combat Nurse Jeane Slone

Young Adult

Gold Cinnamon Girl Trish MacEnulty

Silver Fighting in King George's War Marlene F. Stiles

Bronze Self-liberation of Parson Sykes David J. Mason

Honorable Mention Under the Paw Paw Tree Cheryl King


Gold Pompeii Fire Sharon E. Cathcart

Silver The Time of the Valkyrie Marlene F. Stiles

Bronze A Cat at Dachau Elyse Hoffman

Honorable Mention Christmas Parties, Snow, and.... Heidi Eljarbo

Short Story/Short Stories Anthology

Gold Life and Death in Ephesus Finlay McQuade

Silver Pride and Perjury Alice McVeigh

Bronze Somerswood Lily Style

Honorable Mention Unlocked Paper Lantern Writers


Narrator / Author

Gold The Starre, the Moone, the Sunne Sir Derek Jacobi / Ron Destro

Silver Highland Raven Lesley Parkin / Melanie Karsak

Bronze Ernestine Meliora Dockery /Kate Reynolds


Silver Idaho Madams Milana Marsenich


Gold Short-listed Winners in the running for the Grand Prize. The Grand Prize winner to be announced at 12:00 am EST, New Year's Eve, January 1, 2024!!

Nicole Evelina America's Forgotten Suffragists

Finlay McQuade Life and Death in Ephesus

Sharon E. Cathcart Pompeii Fire

Trish MacEnulty Cinnamon Girl

Helena P. Schrader Cold Peace

Jennifer Marchman The Mender

Roni Rosenthal Where the Lilacs Bloom Once Again

Len Boswell Barnum's Angel

Jame Hutson-Wiley The Merchant of Sepharad

Nancy Bilyeau The Orchid Hour

Scott Fad King of Nod

Alice McVeigh Harriet

Ron Destro / Sir Derek Jacobi The Starre, the Moone, the Sunne

Joao Cerquira Perestroika

David Z. Pike Rescuing Crockett

Judith Arnopp A Song of Sixpence

Brock Meier The Stone Cutter


The 2024 contest is now open for entries, plus our editorial review request is open all year long. You can get your historical novel editorially reviewed and/or enter the HFC Book of the Year contest (now with a prize of $2000) by visiting


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