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Cover Reveal and Spotlight for "The Road to Delano" by John DeSimone

Congratulations to John DeSimone for his new release, "The Road to Delano", and his new cover designed by White Rabbit Arts at The Historical Fiction Company!

Book Blurb:

A high school senior, Jack Duncan dreams of playing college baseball and leaving the political turmoil of the agricultural town Delano behind. Ever since his father, a grape grower, died ten years earlier, he's suspected that his mother has been hiding the truth from him about the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.

With his family's property on the verge of a tax sale, Jack drives an old combine into town to sell it. On the road, an old friend of his father shows up with evidence that Jack's father was murdered. Armed with this new information, Jack embarks on a mission to discover the entire truth, not just about his father but the corruption endemic in the Central Valley.

When Jack's girlfriend warns him not to do anything to jeopardize their post graduation plans and refuses to help him, Jack turns to his best friend, Adrian, the son of a boycotting fieldworker who works closely with Cesar Chavez. The boys' dangerous plan to rescue the Duncan family farm leaves Adrian in a catastrophic situation, and Jack must step up to the plate and rescue his family and his friend before he can make his escape from Delano.

The Road to Delano is the path Jack and Adrian must take to find their strength, their duty, their destiny.

Historical Fiction 5 Stars : "Devastating and triumphant, The Road to Delano is a meticulous historical novel that honors the bravery and sacrifices of those who stand up to injustice, even at great peril to their own well-being." Foreword-Clarion Review

Author Bio:

John DeSimone is a professional memoir ghostwriter, editor, and novelist. He began working as a freelance editor for A-1 Editorial where he performed developmental and copy editing for both novelists and non-fiction writers. He guided authors through the developmental process of refining their voice and subject matter for publication. During that time he edited over a hundred books, both fiction and nonfiction.

For seven years, he worked with Christian Manuscript Critique Service, where he worked with Christian writers in both a developmental and copy editing capacity. He shepherded many authors into publication through detailed analysis and editing of their manuscripts.


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