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Cover Reveal for Historium Press's New Author "David Spitz"

Book Blurb:

Maddie Cronin's game is seduction with plenty of bodies left in her wake - men of wealth, senators, generals, and even the vice president of the United States. Maddie has always been able to sidestep true love in her quest for power, until Arnett.

Arnett McCann is heart sore and heart sick. All he wants is to be left alone to do his job. But that is no way to live. As a U.S. Marshal for the Justice Department, Arnett has always seen the law in black and white. You are either a criminal or you are not. Yet, with the looming Civil War and the attack on Fort Sumter, no one or nothing has shaken Arnett's sense of justice and he's kept his mind focused; that is, until Maddie Cronin walked into his life.

Cover Reveal for "Lincoln's Agent: The Hunt for a Killer"

- to be released in late June 2022.

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