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Cover Reveal for "Return to the Eyrie" by Katerina Dunne

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Book Blurb:

Honour, Revenge and the Quest for Justice

Belgrade, Kingdom of Hungary, 1470:

Raised in exile, adolescent noblewoman Margit Szilágyi dreams of returning to her homeland

of Transylvania to avenge her father's murder and reclaim her stolen legacy. To achieve this,

she must break the constraints of her gender and social status and secretly train in combat.

When the king offers her a chance at justice, she seizes it—even if it means disguising herself

as a man to infiltrate the vultures' nest that now occupies her ancestral ‘eyrie’.

Plagued by childhood trauma and torn between two passionate loves, Margit faces brutal

battles, her murderous kin's traps and inner demons on her quest for vengeance. Only by

confronting the past can she reclaim her honour—if she can survive long enough to see it


Return to the Eyrie is an epic tale of a young woman's unwavering pursuit of justice and

destiny in 15th century Hungary.


Congratulations to Katerina Dunne for her upcoming Historum Press release of "Return to the Eyrie" - the sequel to "Lord of the Eyrie" also published by Historium Press.

Coming soon!!

Cover design by White Rabbit Arts at the Historical Fiction Company.

Illustration for cover by Paddy Shaw

To read the first in the series, buy here:

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