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Cover Reveals for C.V.Lee's novels "Token of Betrayal" and "Betrayal of Trust"

NEW COVERS for C.V. Lee's novels "Token of Betrayal" and "Betrayal of Trust" - designed by White Rabbit Arts at The Historical Fiction Company - check out these stunning covers which transport you back to the era of the Wars of the Roses!

Blurb for "Token of Betrayal":

A war-weary knight seeks peace. When his homeland is invaded, can he find a way to save his family and oust the enemy from the Island?

1461, Isle of Jersey. Disillusioned by war, Sir Philippe de Carteret returns home to hang up his sword and embrace his duties as seigneur of the island’s most powerful manor. Desiring to raise his son in peace and safety, he is dismayed when news arrives that the impregnable fortress of Mont Orgueil Castle has been breached.

He seeks assistance from England to expel the invaders. But amid the chaos of the Wars of the Roses, his pleas go unheeded. To safeguard his son and preserve the family legacy, de Carteret pledges fealty to the new lord. Hopeful that the French will rule benevolently, his illusions are quickly shattered when their tactics turn brutal.

Blurb for "Betrayal of Trust":

With his ancestral manor in ruins, Philippe strives to forge a new family legacy. But a relentless knave is determined to cause his downfall.

1470, Isle of Jersey. Heart-broken by his father’s death, Philippe returns home to shoulder the hereditary mantle of seigneur. Coming of age during an oppressive occupation, he aspires to reconstruct the fiefdom based on values of prosperity and compassion.

Despite his misgivings, he acquiesces to the arranged marriage with the new governor’s daughter, Margaret. She brings with her a substantial dowry that will help him achieve his objectives. As love blossoms between them, life seems perfect.

However, a longtime rival lurks, determined to thwart Philippe at every turn. As Philippe’s power and influence on the island grows, their quarrel escalates to new levels of treachery. When the feud turns deadly, can Philippe survive the ordeals that await and safeguard the future for his family?

Betrayal of Trust is the riveting second novel in the Jersey Saga historical fiction series. If you like political intrigue, treachery, and formidable adversaries, prepare to be captivated by this true tale of heroism.

There is never a dull moment. . .I turned the pages without putting the book down once. ~ Readers’ Favorite ★★★★★

So many spots I just couldn’t stop reading. Exciting! Suspenseful! Romantic! Well done. ~ Reader review

Curl up with a great book—you’re in for a marvelous ride. ~ Amazon Reader Review ★★★★★


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