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A Noble Cunning: The Countess and the Tower

Bernstein, Patricia


Winter 1716: Bethan Glentaggart is so desperate to save the life of her husband Gavin that she is traveling alone from Scotland to London through the worst snowstorm in recent memory. Gavin languishes in a Tower of London cell while the date of his beheading rapidly approaches. Bethan has only her wits and her women friends to support her against the power of King George I. Can she possibly succeed?

“…a sumptuously detailed historical novel…based on a fiercely courageous woman fighting tirelessly against political and religious tyranny.”
--Kathleen Kent, NY Times bestselling author of The Heretic’s Daughter

“…a riveting and largely unknown story, based on true events, about a remarkable woman’s strength, love and courage against formidable odds.”
--Karen Brooks, international bestselling author of The Good Wife of Bath and
The Locksmith’s Daughter

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