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Alaska's Firy Tough Times Tougher People

Coapstick Cheryle


Review M. Harlan

I am anxiously awaiting the publication of the third and final work in Cheryle Coapstick’s “My Mama’s Mama” trilogy. Ms. Coapstick has produced an outstanding duo of exciting and entertaining novels. Will #3 continue to thrill, inform, and engage the reader as “Alaska’s Firy” and “About Miss Ruth” have? I am counting on it. Through Miss Ruth’s nearly lifelong Alaskan odyssey, I’ve become more eager to learn about Sitka and its multi-ethnic population of adventure seekers. By blending this salty, damp, northern wilderness with history and hardy risk-takers, Cheryle has taken the reader on a wild, sometimes sentimental, and often hazardous journey visiting real places and populating them with both familiar and fictional characters. It is at once a voyage, then a trek, and finally a home--the trip is masterful. Thanks to Cheryle, I have seen, felt, and come to know Sitka and its men, women, and children. Let the story continue; I’m ready to go back. Bring on book #3!!

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