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Black Bones, Red Earth

Richie, Lee


This heart-wrenching tale is the sometimes harrowing, yet ultimately uplifting story of a child’s search for happiness and a woman’s test of faith.
Now living an idyllic life in the north of England, for almost sixty years, Katherine has hidden her past. But when an old letter is discovered, she is forced to relive her traumatic years under the Australian sun and explain who died and why she had to run.
Katherine’s journey begins in post-war England, where, having been abandoned by her father after her mother is killed in a London air raid, she is consigned to an austere life in Australia as a British child migrant. She finds no comfort in the care of Lachlan and Daisy Stuart on an isolated property beyond Broken Hill. There is little tenderness in the ten-year-old’s life until Aboriginal station hands offer their friendship. Life is hard in the unforgiving land, but Katherine’s spirit is strong. As the years pass and she blooms into young womanhood, the bond she shares with indigenou

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