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Jonty’s Journey

Powter, Sara


Gems, Love, Artists and a Golden Lion
Australia and South Africa 1880-1902
Sydney Jeweller, Jonty Evans’ passion for gems takes him to Africa at a volatile time. He finds the diamonds he wants and gets given a lion cub. Jonty gets all but kidnapped. His experiences in the Transvaal plunge him into questioning everything he knows of life. Soon nightmares haunt him.
On return home, he nearly messes up his love life with Lottie before it even starts, and he struggles to settle. Lottie’s father, Luke Lockley from Parramatta, takes him in hand and points him to someone who can help.
Jonty is then recalled to Africa as a liaison and reconnects with his lion, Chimbu, when he saves the life of his security detail. His life journey introduces him to the most amazing Heidelberg artists, politicians, poets, rebels, and the scapegoat soldier Harry Breaker Morant. Can Jonty bury the past and regain the peace he’s lost?

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