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A Cat at Dachau: A Heart-Breaking and Thought-Provoking WW2 Story

Hoffman, Elyse


SS Private Max Schrader is a brutal Nazi guard at Dachau concentration camp. While he is ruthless towards the Jewish prisoners trapped behind the barbed wire, the Nazi soldier does have one soft spot: he loves animals, especially cats.

When Max finds an injured cat near the front gate of Dachau one day, he nurses the feline back to health. Max happily adopts the cat, named Faust, and comes to love his precious new pet. But it seems that Faust is searching for something: every day, the cat follows Max to Dachau and searches the concentration camp.

As Max attempts find what his pet his looking for, his worldview will be shattered…and his sins may cost him dearly.

A Cat at Dachau is a heart-wrenching short story by award-winning author Elyse Hoffman.

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