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A Dangerous Woman: A Novel of the Mexican Revolution



Chihuahua City, Mexico, 1913. Katherine O’Brien reluctantly enters into a marriage of convenience to hide from her abusive ex-fiancé. She struggles to adapt to an unfamiliar culture as she begins to regain her ability to love and trust. Her new husband, a soldier in Pancho Villa’s army, treats her well, although he expects an obedient and docile wife. Kate, a tomboy raised on a west Texas ranch, finds such a role extremely difficult. The two strive to find a middle ground even as he fights beside Villa in the brutal revolutionary war.
When the Revolution turns against Villa, the couple is separated. Kate must lead her small extended family to a new home without help from her husband… and with her violent ex-fiancé following her tracks. Facing these challenges tests her courage and survival skills to the utmost.
"A novel that has a profound human resonance..."--Historical Fiction Company

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