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A Druid's Magic

Bradshaw, Sharon


When Durstan celebrated Beltane with Ailan in 794AD, they believed that their sexual awakening would honour the Old Gods, and ensure the fertility of the earth. Despite falling in love that night, she has disappeared, and the young Monk is distraught.
He journeys magically into the past with Brionach who has come to Iona, to guide him in the old way of the Druid Bard, through tales of the Ancestors and their experience of love.
Garwyn, an Iron Age priestess, is infatuated with a Roman centurion from the Vindolanda fort. He betrays her. Ara suffers at the hands of a Neolithic hunter, whilst Artuir and Gwenhwyfar's 5th century romance is broken by Lleenog, and there are others.
Beth is mischief making with Alys as Durstan discovers what happened to his sister, Mora, when he was taken to the monastery as a child. Her husband, Duncan, is Lord of Mull so there is much to be told.
You'll find charms, runes, and spells here. Magic is an everyday occurrence in the Early Medieval period. People believe in Dragons, Elves, and the Wyrd. Many have still not converted to Christianity but continue to worship the Old Gods, while Vikings threaten the monasteries along the coastline of the British Isles.
Will Durstan be guided by the Druid's storytelling, and find love again... with Ailan?

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