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Dear Heart, How Like You This?

Dunn, Wendy J.


1536, Allington Castle

Sir Thomas Wyatt is in his father's custody after witnessing the deaths of Anne and George Boleyn during his imprisonment at the Tower of London.

Tom had secretly loved Anne his entire life. Told he is not highly born enough to pursue her, he learns to hide his feelings, especially after Anne catches the eye of Henry VIII.

Despite his deepening disquiet about Anne's growing relationship with the king, Tom remains at Anne's side as one of her staunchest friends and supporters.

Then Anne takes her place as the king's second consort, and the unthinkable happens.
Tom watches helplessly as the woman he loves and his closest friends go on trial for their lives...

Grieving for Anne and his friends, Tom remembers Anne's tumultuous journey to become Henry's queen.

What is the cost of love?

Winner of 2003 Glyph Award for Publishing Excellence.

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