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Muldoon's Minnesota Darling: A Novella

Sparrow, E.V.


Spanning a decade, this novella tells of an Irish emigrant’s hopes to escape an entity he blames for the losses of his wives and children, his struggle with drink for his painful scoliosis, and doubts about God’s love.1867, New York City, is where Mick Muldoon and his shifty sister, Orla, live in a sordid tenement on the Lower East Side. Widowed Mick was a tenant farmer in Ireland and sheltered from the seedier side of life. Beyond uncomfortable in the brothel, he’s eager to find work and support himself without his sister’s aid. Worse than Mick’s physical pain is his belief in the curse of an entity only he can see. He immigrated to America partly to escape Mister Death and blames him as the reason he’s lost wives and children. Mick's brother, Ed, arrives from Canada with plans to purchase farmland together. In Minnesota, Mick realizes his heart isn't finished with love and marriage.

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