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Rebellion.Carausius and Allectus, the Welshmen who stole the Roman Empire

Pitts, John


Interpretive historical fiction is both difficult and fun. Whereas there a few known facts, and some ideas that have become the ‘received wisdom’ and hence unchallenged, I have drawn on many published supportive and contrary opinions and conclusions to explore this tumultuous episode in the distant history of the island of Britain.
This book tells the story of how two Romanised young Welshmen, taken to ensure the loyalty to Rome of their fathers, fell into circumstances that led to a full scale rebellion that took Britain out of the Roman empire for ten years at the end of the Third Century. Their names became Carausius and Allectus, and both declared themselves as emperors in turn. Very different personalities, with very different skills, these led to increasing tensions between them, and a dramatic outcome was inevitable.

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