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Revelations From the Dead: Chronicles of the Night Waster

Fischer, Max Willi


In an era where the void of science is filled with superstition, some believe the “Night Waster” preys upon the blood of the living to keep the dead alive. Thomas Sullivan, a cabinetmaker’s apprentice in northeastern Connecticut, helps the Shaffer family confront the ravages of the Night Waster while dealing with his own father’s rejection. The lung disease, consumption, and the economic Panic of 1837 are making life a trial for his master’s family as well as stirring the town’s paranoia. The mystery deepens when a family Bible reveals two Spanish doubloons. With a murder and covert interlopers probing for answers, suspicion in a local legend renews—the village pariah knows of the lost treasure of Benedict Arnold’s ill-fated Quebec raid. Thomas asserts himself and teams with the region’s newest minister to uncover the truth behind the legend of Arnold’s treasure. Together, they must solve the murder and come face to face with the Night Waster.

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