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Rome's End

Forsyth, Fiona


45 B.C.E. Rome is under a Dictator.
Caesar has won the final battle of a bloody Civil War, and Romans are ready for peace. When Lucius Sestius Quirinalis, an aspiring lawyer, is called into his father’s study one autumn morning, he is thinking of nothing more than the family’s latest case. The charge against the historian Sallust is his corrupt rule in Roman Africa. But it is his research into the twenty-year-old Catilinarian Conspiracy which is proving unsettling for some.

“A riveting fast-paced mystery that sideswipes everything we thought we knew about Caesar’s assassination and the fall of the Roman Republic.” Jacquie Rogers, author of The Governor's Man
'Tightly-written, well-researched, fast-moving, and showing an excellent eye and ear for character and dialogue. A joy to read.' David Wishart, author of the Marcus Corvinus mysteries

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