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She Who Rides Horses: A Saga of the Ancient Steppe (Book One)

Barnes, Sarah V.


Set in 4,000 BCE., the story of Naya, the first person to ride a horse. Daughter of a clan chief, Naya dreams of creating a new kind of relationship with the magnificent horses who roam the vast grasslands where she lives. One day, she discovers a mysterious filly with a chestnut coat as uncommon as her own head of red hair. She embarks on a quest to fulfill her vision of galloping with the filly across the boundless steppe. Unwittingly, she sets in motion forces and events that will change forever the future of humans and horses alike.

“…a rich work of historical fiction… thoughtful, philosophical and resonant.” Booklife/Publishers Weekly.
“…impeccably detailed… with a well-developed setting and characters.” Kirkus Review
“…a truly compelling story of the horse/human relationship… excellent and unforgettable.” Five-Star Reader Review
“…inspiring… a must-read.” Five-Star Reader Review
“…beautifully written and captivating.” Five-Star Reader Review

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