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Soyala: Daughter of the Desert

Maynard, Cindy


What would it have been like to live in the American Southwest during the great exodus out of the Four Corners area 800 years ago, long before European incursion? Set in the land of sage, sun, and sandstone, Soyala tells the story of the struggles of a woman and her family during a time of societal turmoil and personal tragedy.

"Soyala is a magnificent story, brilliantly imagined and skillfully executed on every level. The author’s intimate depiction of the lives of this small clan is immensely, both intellectually and emotionally." -Tom Hyman, author of Jupiter's Daughter" and "Seven Days to Petrograd."

“Soyala is an epic story spanning four generations, focusing on a woman enduring the historic exodus of the Ancient Puebloans from the land of cliff dwellings. The author’s lively, engaging, and plausible depiction of Soyala’s experiences provides insight into the most mysterious event in the pre-historic southwest.” -Jeffrey Mitton, Professor

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