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The Austrian: A War Criminal's Story Book 2

Midwood, Ellie


Second book in “The Austrian” series, which continues to follow Ernst’s fate. As the new blood-shedding war breaks out, as rumors start spreading about the atrocious actions of the government that he swore his loyalty to, more and more doubts arise in the former ardent SS leader. However, once claiming them, the sinister Nazi regime doesn’t want to let go of its victims so easily, and one has nothing else to do, but pick up a bloody mantle of a former sworn enemy to continue his ugly work…
Once again, in his cell in Nuremberg, Ernst recalls the events of his life that is about to end any day now, slowly coming to terms with his fate, which is stronger than him, and preparing to die. Only, a loyal friend still refuses to give up on his attempts to save the condemned man’s life…

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